International Scientific Conference Historic Gardens: Authenticity, Preservation, Management

International Scientific Conference

September 25th27th, 2019

The Royal Library

The conference takes place in the year of the end of the reconstruction process of the Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. The opening ceremony of the Gardens took place on May 11, 2019. This is a very important event for the Royal Castle awaiting for its gardens almost from the beginning of the facility’s existence. That the creation of the Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw completes the process of restitution of the Castle – the residence of the kings and the Republic and the entire Old Town of Warsaw.

To emphasize this event and draw attention to the problems of revalorizing historical garden assumptions in Poland and Europe, the Royal Castle has planned the international conference to take the focus of authenticity, protection and contemporary management of gardens and historic parks.

Over fifteen speakers, including from abroad and from Poland, were scheduled for the conference program. The conference participants will visit two royal residences: the Royal Castle with the restored Gardens and the Royal Łazienki Park in Warsaw. The discussion will be held in three thematic panels, and the languages of the conference will be Polish, English and German (simultaneous and consecutive translation will be provided).

The first panel shall raise the subject of authenticity in relation to historic gardens and parks. The Nara Document on Authenticity will be mentioned and the interpretation of the Florence Charter in this topic. An understanding of authenticity will be discussed in relation to various conservation doctrines, the authenticity of the place, the criteria which guide the assessment of the authenticity of the monument, and the panel will summarize the discussion if there is any possibility to determine the binding uniform canon of beauty for historic gardens.

The second panel will concern the preservation of historic garden assumptions. The protection and conservation of gardens and parks on the UNESCO World Heritage List will be compared with objects protected by an entry in the register of monuments. Then, the differences between conditions in the preservation and conservation of historical gardens in Poland and Europe will be indicated. Positive examples of the preservation of historic gardens from Poland and Europe shall also be mentioned.

The third panel will take participants to the practical aspects of preservation and conservation of historic gardens. Basing on examples from Poland and Europe, they shall learn about the management of objects entered in the register of monuments in Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Poland. The process of reconstruction of the Gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw will also be presented with an emphasis on the historical protection of the place and time.

The moderators of panel data and the Honorary Committee of the conference will watch over the correct course and implementation of the planned topics in the individual thematic panels of the conference. The Committee’s members are: Head Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum, Professor Wojciech Fałkowski (the host of the conference) and representatives of the majority of landscape architecture schools in Poland.

The fee for participation in the conference is 80 EUR.

To participate in the event, we invite architects, designers, landscape architects, gardeners, art historians (including garden art historians), historians, conservators, officials and all who are lovers of garden art in its broad sense and meaning.

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