Rituals of Power. The Ceremonies of Courts and States from the Late Medieval Period to the Modern Era

Rituals of Power

The Ceremonies of Courts and States from the Late Medieval Period to the Modern Era

6th 8th October, 2016

Royal Castle in Warsaw

The role that rituals and ceremonies have played in the way monarchies, representative institutions, and state authorities functioned has been the subject of extensive research and academic discussion. This discussion has generated significant changes in the way these practices are perceived today. As a result, specific events (such as coronations, solemn entries or openings of parliaments, and even the daily ceremonial routines of princely courts) are no longer approached merely in a descriptive way. Rather, they are analysed and interpreted as the primary means of communication between different participants in political and courtly life. The conference aims to address the subject of ceremonial and ritual in the sphere of politics from this perspective.
We are bringing together nearly 30 speakers from more than 10 countries to present the results of their latest research. This will be the largest gathering of scholars conducting research on the issues of ceremonial and ritual in recent years and the second event in a series of international conferences in the Royal Castle.
The conference will be held in English and Polish (with simultaneous translation provided) and open to the public.

As places are limited, we kindly invite all researchers from academic institutions and museums interested in attending the event as delegates to register by writing to: conference@zamek-krolewski.pl before 20th  September. Registration is on a 'first come, first served' basis.

The conference funded by The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage