The Implosion of the Ottoman Empire during World War I

Thursday, 26 October 2017 at 5 p.m.

the Concert Hall

the lecture

The Implosion of the Ottoman Empire during World War I

will be given by

prof. Zafer Toprak

As the First World War brought to an end all empires, the Ottoman State disintegrated and a new nation state emerged from the ashes of the six-century dynasty. The collapse of the Empire was largely due to an implosion rather than the losses on the fronts. Ottoman general staff expected that the war would be won in a few months. However, four-year war depleted Ottoman economic and financial resources and Ottomans had no choice but to implement an inflationary policy through printing large amount of paper money. In other words Turks had already invented “inflation” few years before the German “hyperinflation” in 1923 which paved the way for Hitler.

400 % inflationary rate per year destabilized Ottoman society and disintegrated Ottoman family life. Furthermore, high death rate, malnutrition, famine, infectious diseases, deportation, all kind of war calamities struck the Empire and Anatolia lost almost five million people, mainly productive ones. Republicans in 1920s had no choice but to rely on a poor human resources.

(the lecture will be held in English)

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