The Kubicki Arcades

The Kubicki Arcades (about 1,600 sq. m. of usable space) were built in the years 1818-1827. They were designed by Jakub Kubicki, the General Administrator of the Royal Buildings, an outstanding architect of the Classicist epoch, a recipient of a grant from the King Stanislaus Augustus Foundation. They connected the then newly planned Castle Gardens: the upper garden being situated on the escarpment, while the lower one is located in the area adjoining the bed of the Vistula River. The arcades were one of the very few parts of the castle to survive the damage of World War II. In 1995-2009, they underwent major renovation. Regaining their former splendour, the arcades have also been adapted to contemporary needs, becoming an excellent, popular and cherished venue of various events. The 19th century Kubicki Arcades are unique on a national scale, and are fascinating with their unusual, monumental architecture set within a beautiful garden complex.