European Royal Residences Association


Since 2013, the Royal Castle in Warsaw has formed a part of the prestigious Association of the Royal Residences of Europe, currently associating 30 institutions from 15 European countries. Among the historic castles and palaces, there are such museums as the Palace of Versailles, the Schönbrunn Palace as well as the Royal Palaces in Madrid, Naples and Turin. In 7 years, we have taken part in over 20 technical meetings, sharing museum experiences with employees of other royal residences.

ARRE’s objective is to promote knowledge about the European heritage, implement joint cultural projects and share experiences thus gained. The members of the Association, including the Castle’s employees, take part in conferences and workshops during which they discuss, among other things, issues concerning the organization of exhibitions, preservation of works of art, serving the public, implementation of new technologies and strategies pursued in social media.

Easter wishes from the Director of the Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum Prof. Wojciech Fałkowski to representatives of royal residencies in all of Europe (English subtitles):

Palace Day 2020

Coordinator for Cooperation with ARRE Network at the Royal Castle in Warsaw:

Marta Smolińska