The Tin-Roofed Palace

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A new dimension of The Apartment of Prince Józef Poniatowski

See a new view of the Apartment located on the first floor of the Tin-Roofed Palace. Its equipment was enriched with utility items, works of art, military, archives and many valuable memorabilia from the Napoleonic era. Other works will remind people related to the history of the Palace, especially its permanent resident Henrietta de Vauban, as well as other famous personalities from Józef Poniatowski's circle.

The Tin-Roofed Palace – originally a tenement house (c. 1651), extended a number of times. Since 1777 the property of King Stanisław August, holding apartments for the court. 1780–84 connected with the Castle via a library building. Partly burnt down during the German occupation. Rebuilt in 1948. Presently houses the Apartment of Prince Józef Poniatowski (first floor) and collections of the Teresa Sahakian Foundation (ground floor, main section and southern wing), among which Eastern tapestries from the 18th through the 20th centuries are the most numerous. The collection includes also other objects of decorative arts of the Orient and works of art from Europe.

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