The Parliamentary Chambers (Sejm)

Parliamentary sessions were held here from the sixteenth century onwards. You can visit the Former Deputies' Chamber in the Castle Cellars and the New Deputies' Chamber and the Senators' Chamber located on the first floor, where the Constitution of 3 May was enacted in 1791.

The Parliamentary Chambers are located in the east wing, on the first floor. As early as in the second half of the seventeenth century, the Deputies Chamber was transferred here from its former ground-floor location in the same wing, facing the Vistula River, as was the Senators' Chamber during the reign of Augustus III.

A General View of the New Deputies' Chamber

A General View of the Senators' Chamber

The Senators' Chamber is one of the most sumptuous rooms in the Castle.
It was here that the Constitution was enacted on 3 May 1791. The interiors were destroyed after the fall of the November Uprising and it has now been reconstructed based on earlier drawings. The royal throne and fragments of the backdrop and canopy are original. The throne was reconstructed according to a design by Andrzej Grzybowski, and the painted decorations are the work of Andrzej Bertrandt. The armchairs and chairs for the senators and ministers have been arranged strictly according to the rules of etiquette governing the proceedings of the Polish Sejm.