Partners of the Castle's Gardens

Mower Sp. z o.o. is an authorized dealer of leading brands in the field of green space management, including Husqvarna, Honda, Cramer and Wacker Neuson.


This fast-growing and committed company presents the highest quality machines and devices for lawn care and garden maintenance, characterized by unmatched efficiency and, above all, ensuring a high level of user comfort. Bearing in mind the environmental welfare and understanding the necessity of its protection, Mower Sp. z o.o. offers a wide range of products providing maximum reduction of pollution and minimal impact on nature.

All devices presented by the company are equipped with innovative solutions that enable the perfect performance of each task entrusted to them. These machines intuitively adjust to the user and the terrain, and thanks to the original design, bring peace and joy to the whole family. They constitute a modern and environmentally friendly element of the garden, ensuring its constantly aesthetic appearance with the highest precision.

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Emeralld the official Partner of the Castle's Gardens

In the 2020 season, Emeralld helps to maintain the quality of lawns and plants in the Royal Gardens. Emeralld is a passion for historical gardens, parks and sports facilities, based on working in harmony with nature. Selected lawn grass seeds, organic fertilizers, specialized equipment for the preparation and care of green areas are a guarantee of beauty and health, gushing like water from a spring. We create the Castle's green enclave and a great place for rest, taking into account the principles of ecology and sustainable development. Innovative products contain natural active substances, incl. humic acids, trichoderma and zeolite. Emeralld is a comprehensive range of solutions and products aimed at private users and professionals.